Mobile Stage

Renting a portable stage from 4FX Productions means your event can be almost anywhere. Portable stage platforms mean if your venue doesn’t have a stage, we can build one 24/7 in just a few hours. Give us a venue, and we will provide the stage you imagined.

Outdoor Stages & Indoor Stages

We’ve provided stages for countless events inside and out. For outdoor events, stages can be equipped with a 270º rain cover to keep your performers and equipment dry. For indoor events, stages can be set to any height and made a perfect fit for any room.

Concert Stages

The stage is the focal point of any concert. Let us provide the top-quality stage musicians expect at a fraction of the cost of larger companies. Concert stages can be built to the organizer or artist’s specifications in any shape or size. If you don’t know where to look for the stage lighting and sound system that will make your concert seen and heard, we also offer full service event production or rentals on specific equipment.

Runway Stages

Fashion shows and special events often require a specially designed runway stage or a catwalk. We have experience providing stages for a variety of special events and know how to make the stage safe while looking clean and professional. Don’t settle for less when you need a special event stage.

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality